martes, 19 de mayo de 2015

Zorro y las uvas/Fox and grapes/Lapė ir vynuogės

Mi versión para la fábula "Zorro y las uvas"
My version of the tale  "Fox and grapes"
Mano versija pasakai "Lapė ir vynuogės"

sábado, 7 de febrero de 2015

No longer 761

"No longer 761". Illustration inspirated in all the beautiful people helping animals every day. Animals who become no longer a NUMBER, but a non human person with a NAME.

#animal #cow #girl #cute #animalrights #vegan #vegetarian #sanctuary #illustration #freedom

on Society6:

viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

NEW Web Site!

Finally....I made it!!! :)

Please, be very welcome :)

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Jessica - original painting/pintura original/Iliustracija

all rights reserved. If You want to share it, do it always with my name and link to my blog. 

Jessica wanted to be a bird,
To fly, be free and have wings
To live on a tree and sing

You can find it here:

viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

New book!! Nuevo libro!! Nauja knyga!!

y en todas las librerías!

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Bunnies on my head

I have bunnies on my head. And many other things...! :)

This painting is available on my Etsy shop.

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014


Now I am on instagram, if you want to follow me and my work! :)

Here is the link:

jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

El Tomate/O Tomate/Tomato/Pomidoras

"Si una cosa es importante, esta cosa es el Tomate

"Se unha cousa é importante, esa cousa é o Tomate"

" What is so important thing?  This important thing is Tomato"

"Koks dalykas yra svarbus? Ogi  Pomidoras"

"Bicos de música", Mamá Cabra, editorial Galaxia:

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Planeta del lobo solitario - Lonely wolfs planet - Vienišo vilko planeta

There is no place for me
The wolf said
They will never let me sleep in their bed

They will never love me like they do
When they have a dog who is cute

I am just a lonely Wolf
who grew up in the Woods

♥ All my artworks are under copyright licenses ♥